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Indians were the first inhabitants of this region, settling along the Big Buffalo and Little Buffalo creeks where game and fish were abundant. Tribes included the Delawares, Monseys, Shawnees and, most likely, the Tuscaroras. In 1754, the Indians sold a portion of this land to the English, and it became property of Thomas and John Penn. At this time, the first white settlers began moving in, and by 1758, the Indians were ordered by the English to leave. After patenting tracts in 1774 and 1775, David English was in possession of two plots of land: Grenada, the Newport tract; and Antigua, the plot immediately north. The land past through the English family to the Reider family.

In 1804, Paul, John, and Daniel Reider plotted the land into 54 lots with streets and alley. The foundation of the town extended from Mulberry Street to Oliver Street and from the Juniata River to Second Street. This promising town was known as Reider’s Ferry, later referred to as Reidersville.

The early economic growth of Newport was determined mainly from its location on the Juniata River. A ferry was established by the Reiders in the late 1700s. During the early era, freight was transported on rafts on the river. Rafts gave way to arks and keels, which were poled back up the river, and boat building became a significant business for the young community.

Ground was broken for the canal on July 4, 1826 in Harrisburg, and in 1829, the Juniata branch, which flowed through Newport, was opened, greatly increasing Newport’s position as a hub for water freight transportation. After the opening of the canal, the town officially became known as Newport. During this bustling time, Newport was home to warehouses, hotels, a photography gallery, a milliner, a tannery, and many other businesses. In fact, according to H. H. Hain, “Newport was the leading business town in Perry County, owing to its central location and shipping facilities.”

In 1840, Newport was incorporated as a borough with Sam Leiby being the first burgess and by 1846 the village had grown into a town of 100 homes. When the Pennsylvania Railroad completed rail service to the town in 1849, the foundation for the tremendous growth in the late 1800s was laid. During the early railroad era, Newport was a railroad hub.

Grain, lumber, leather and textiles produced in the surrounding communities were shipped via the trains passing through Newport. It was during this period that most of the major buildings were erected on the square to house the retail outlets and businesses necessary to support mill owners, workers, and the agricultural community. At the same time, lovely residences reflecting varied architectural styles were constructed.

The town is surrounded by magnificent natural beauty: lush valleys; farmland owned by families for generations; the spectacular Tuscarora mountain range; and the lovely meandering Juniata River.


Butcher's Family Fun Farm

When you visit Family Fun Farm & Corn Maze in Newport, you can expect a day of country-style fun! We offer attractions for all ages from our corn box where toddlers can dig and play to our hayrides and Giant Maize Quest® Corn Maze to engage individuals and groups of all ages. Butcher’s is a family-operated business and we take pride in making your experience here memorable.

Mark and Stacey Butcher met at Delaware Valley College and were married on Stacey’s family farm in 1990. From the beginning, they were rooted in farming with a love for the country and growing fresh produce. They started out with just one acre of pumpkins in 1990 and have grown their farm to a one hundred-acre vegetable farm, farm market, and many employees. In 2012, they expanded their business to include the Family Fun Farm with the corn maze and other attractions. Mark and Stacey are both involved daily in the operation of the business to ensure the utmost in quality and a warm, family-style atmosphere.

We are committed to providing quality, family-friendly fun at our farm. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a smile and we work hard to provide a wide range of activities to keep you entertained and engaged. We hope we’ll also provide a little learning mixed in with all the fun. Each year we feature a new corn maze theme with facts and puzzles related to that theme.

In addition to our Fun Farm, we also have a Farm Market in Newport. We grow and harvest our produce so you can take home the freshest fruits and vegetables from our farm. We pick our produce fresh every morning. You can watch our fresh-picked crops being brought directly from the field by our tractor and wagon right to the market’s front door.

Whether you live in the area or are vacationing in the area we hope that you’ll stop by to experience fun of the farm! Come “get lost” in the corn maze, take a hayride, launch a potato, pick a pumpkin, or enjoy one of our other attractions. While you’re in the area, make sure you stop by our Farm Market too! We trust that you’ll enjoy your visit and find only the best quality when it comes to entertainment and farm-fresh items!

Perry County Fair

Family Fun for Everyone

The Perry County Fair is a community fair in Newport PA. It’s held each year in mid-August and has activities for people of all ages. Most activities at the Fair are FREE, and it’s just $5 to park. Activities include animal exhibits, arts & crafts, vendors, and lots of food. There’s also nightly amusement rides and entertainment. Located at 248 Fairground Road, Newport. 
The Miss Perry County Fair competition serves to select an outstanding young woman from Perry County to represent the Perry County Fair locally and at the State Fair Queen competition.

Miss Perry County Fair will reign for one year. Duties will include attending events, contests and shows during the Fair as well as other local events throughout the year.

The highlight of being Miss Perry County Fair is the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs convention in Hershey PA. At this convention she will compete in the State Fair Queen competition.